FloatWind Fundraising Round - Private Launch Opening Soon

Updated: Jul 19

FloatWind Ltd, a floating offshore wind start-up with a unique ready-to-float offshore wind turbine product, has kicked-off a series of fundraising* initiatives, including raising capital from anchor investors* and via the Seedrs* platform.

The campaign will run over the next few weeks, and pre-registration is now open on their website, with only a few days now left until the private launch opens.

Robert Speht, CEO said: “The opening of the private launch next week, marks the beginning of our ambition to revolutionise how offshore wind turbines are deployed. It really is the dawn of a new era for renewable energy.”

Nele Andersch, CBDO added: “The FloatWind team is dedicated and ambitious. Our disruptive project will make the scalable deployment of floating wind turbines much more cost-effective for developers and reduces end-user’s bills.”

Investors interested in joining FloatWind’s mission to revolutionise offshore wind, can pre-register for the private launch by following the link - https://bit.ly/3hh5CVo

*Capital at risk

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