FloatWind Is Open For Investment

We will soon be opening our private launch for investors. Pre-register today to be included in the invitation. Pre-register here.

*Investment at risk

Our FloatWind Technology

  • Floating offshore wind is a vast source of untapped renewable energy

  • The ready-to-float technology is dependable, green, scalable and bankable 

  • Our assembly progress is disruptive and we believe a “first to market” in offshore wind that uses tried-and-tested techniques from other sectors

  • Ready-to-float will unlock huge savings in the assembly process and considerably reduce construction time

  • Creates cheaper, faster and safer offshore wind projects 

  • FloatWind plans to track CO2 and will aim to deliver a zero-CO2 power technology

  • Our approach is unique, and our innovative IP bundle will be protected


Credit: Maersk Supply Service

Why Invest* in FloatWind?

  • Global market forecast $108B by 2030 (Bloomberg)

  • Led by experienced and ambitious team with deep industry knowledge

  • Aiming to supply customers with ready-to-float offshore wind turbines from mid- 2023

  • Company based in the UK, the global leader in offshore wind

  • Early seed investment for potential share value growth 

  • Floating offshore wind “goldrush” to be expected in locations such as California, Japan & other new markets

  • We aim to be replicable in other strategic locations in Asia and the US

  • You will be part of a company that has potential for repeat investment opportunities over several years

  • Your involvement in renewable energy will help to build a greener cleaner future


What is equity crowdfunding?

Equity crowdfunding is the process whereby people (i.e., the ‘crowd’) invest in an unlisted company (a company that is not listed on a stock market) in exchange for shares in that company. A shareholder has partial ownership of the company and stands to profit on an ‘exit event’ (i.e., IPO, merger or sale) should the company continue to perform well and increase in value. The opposite is also true, so if the company fails investors can lose some, or all, of their investment.

Does pre-registering commit me to investing?

No. Pre-registering simply means you willbe given the first opportunity to invest in FloatWind Ltd when we formally launch our share offering. This is a big advantage because we are operating on a first-come, first-served basis.

What is Seedrs?

Seedrs is a crowdfunding platform that enables companies to issue shares and raise money from a wide range of everyday and experienced investors. If you invest in FloatWind Ltd, Seedrs will be the company that organises this and then manages the shareholding afterwards, on your behalf.

What benefits do I get as a shareholder?

As a shareholder, you will own part of FloatWind Ltd. Financially, this means that you will share in the financial success of the business in the event of an exit such as a sale of the company or IPO, or when dividends are paid (although neither of these are guaranteed outcomes).

How do I become a FloatWind Ltd shareholder?

We would be delighted to have you as a shareholder. By pre-registering today you will be given early access to invest when we formally launch the offer. We will send you an early access email at that point.

Who can invest?

Broadly, anyone over the age of 18, from most countries in the world will be able to invest into Floatwind via seedrs. However if based outline of the UK or Europe we recommend investors ensure they are compliant with local tax laws and seek professional guidance.

Why are you crowdfunding?

As a start-up looking to disrupt the offshore wind market, we are raising capital to finance our setup and launch plans. We have applied for around £820,000 of state grant funding for various technical aspects of the Setup and Launch phases, and now want to open the opportunity to you and the wider Renewables, CleanTech and GreenTech communities.The money raised will be used to finance the Innovation Setup phase of FloatWind Ltd and take the company to the next level of commercial readiness.

How much can I invest?

The minimum investment is around £10, and there is no maximum limit on how much you can invest (other than the overall funding total). Please do not invest beyond your personal capacity

Is the investment EIS eligible?

Yes, this round is eligible for SEIS/EIS. More details can be found at - https://help.seedrs.com/en/articles/1782484-uk-tax-relief

Can I sell or transfer my shares?

As FloatWind Ltd is a private company, the shares you are issued are not readily tradeable, except in exceptional circumstances (such as a liquidity event*), and in any case subject to all the restrictions set out in our Articles of Association. As with any investment, you should remember that investing in shares carries an element of risk and there is no guarantee that a liquidity event will occur. Floatwind will endeavor to do all we can for our future investors to create liquidity and flexibility for stakeholders, including discussions with Seedrs around secordary market activity. However S/EIS benefits require a 3 year hold, and therefore you must not expect to be able to easily sell your shares in the first few years following your investment. *A liquidity event is an acquisition, merger, initial public offering (IPO), or other action that allows founders and early investors in a company to cash out some or all of their ownership shares.

What happens after I invest?

Once we close the round, the completion process starts. At that point, all investors will receive a copy of the Articles of Association via email and will be informed of the cooling off period. Once the cooling off period has expired, which is generally no less than seven days, the payment collections process starts, and then electronic share certificates will be issued. Once you have invested, we will keep you up to speed on our news with regular investor updates.