FloatWind’s dedicated CO2 Manager will track the CO2 used in the manufacture, assembly, transportation, maintenance, operations and decommissioning of the Ready-to-Float technology via the FloatWind Production System.

We will be able to minimise the CO2 used in the production of Ready-to-Float as a result,  all remaining CO2 produced will be offset using accredited schemes, so that customers can have total confidence that this is a ZERO carbon option, including ‘Scope 3’.

To achieve this FloatWind will become accredited under international standards PAS 2060 and ISO 14067

PAS 2060 requires that the total amount of carbon emissions at the end of a reduction period be offset by high-quality, certified carbon credits which meet the following criteria:

• From one of the PAS 2060 approved schemes (for example the Clean Development MechanismJoint Implementation or Verified Carbon Standard)

• Genuinely additional (i.e. reductions that would not have happened anyway)

• Verified by an independent third party to ensure that emission reductions are permanent, avoid leakage (so that emissions are not increased in another area as a result of the project reductions) and are not double counted

• Retired after a maximum of 12 months to a credible registry.

To demonstrate our compliance with PAS 2060 and ISO 14067 FloatWind be accredited by the UK’s Carbon Trust

How will we do it?